Watercolour Resist Learning

watercolour resist learning



Have you tried watercolour resist learning? ⁠It's an age old technique using a natural coloured crayon and watercolour paint. Write or draw a message, or picture on your dry piece of paper, then paint over the drawing and the wax in the crayon will repel the paint, revealing the "hidden message."⁠

There are many great ways to incorporate this into a fun way of learning with your child.

All you will need is:

  • A natural coloured crayon, we recommend avoiding white crayons as these typically contain ⁠bleach and this is why you will never find a white crayon in your Honeysticks Beeswax Crayon pack. 
  • Honeysticks Natural Watercolours
  • Watercolour paper or a thicker, good quality art paper. If you're using normal writing paper you may find that the watercolours leak more and the resist painting isn't as defined. 
honeysticks natural watercolour paint

    A few ways that you can create a fun lesson using water colour resist are:

    • Number recognition
    • Alphabet learning
    • Numbers (how many stars are there, and then reveal the number)
    • How to spell (guess the next letter)

    image via Kids Activity Blog